About Dasha


Dasha Gaivoronski is an online fitness influencer, certified personal trainer, and above all, a loving mother to her son Leon. She has inspired thousands of individuals to transform their lives through fitness.

Dasha’s fitness journey did not happen overnight. She struggled with her health after childbirth. She decided to make a change when she moved from Russia to Australia. Over this period she tried every training approach under the sun. Eventually she found a formula for success. She started designing her own workouts and experienced a significant improvement in her body, mindset and energy-levels. It became her mission to share this knowledge with the world.

Even with this expertise, Dasha can relate to struggling with fitness in the face of adversity. During her time on the 2018 Australian Bachelor, she fell out of routine and back into bad habits. On the show she stole hearts with her quick wit and warmth, but off-screen she struggled with being away from Leon. Over the course of the show the she gained 8kg. She decided to turn her struggle into an opportunity to help others and developed a transformation fitness program. Using her ‘Transform in 30’ Fitplan, she was able to get her body back. More importantly, she demonstrated to the world what was possible through diet and fitness.

Dasha hopes to empower her Fitplan clients and followers to push outside their comfort zones. Living in the public eye, she ran relate to the body shame and self doubt her clients often face. However, in her view, every challenge is an opportunity to discover your true personal potential. Anyone that follows Dasha will see that when you embrace who you are, you can do anything!